Asian Office research

The BIS Representative Office for Asia and the Pacific organises and coordinates conferences and research networks to support research on issues affecting Asia-Pacific economies and global financial stability. Regional and country-specific topics include those on monetary policy, market operations and financial stability.

Asian research network

Research projects are often undertaken in collaboration with central banks and supervisory authorities in Asia and the Pacific, including members of the Asian research network.

The Asian research network facilitates the sharing of policy-relevant research among network members and promotes further research on topics of interest to central banks and supervisory authorities in the Asia-Pacific region. The network functions on the basis of informal, voluntary cooperation among peers. Its objectives are to:

  • foster contacts among central banks and supervisory authorities 
  • identify policy issues of common interest 
  • share ongoing research and data 
  • organise research workshops and conferences 
  • encourage collaboration on research projects

Asian office economists

Frank Packer, Regional Adviser

Ilhyock Shim, Head of Economics and Financial Markets for Asia and the Pacific

Peter Hoerdahl, Principal Economist

James Yetman, Principal Economist

Güneş Kamber, Senior Economist

Feng Zhu, Senior Economist